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Engineer adjusting thermostats for efficient automated heating system

Engineer adjusting thermostats for efficient automated heating system

All systems require some type of temperature control, but not all controls are alike. Here’s what you need to know:

Thermostats placement

The placement of system controls causes many comfort problems. The two biggest no nos are placing a thermostat in direct or reflected sunlight, or by any supply register. The other two, which are more rarely seen, are cooking areas and on walls that are next to the home’s outside.

I’ve been asked by my customers if they could cover in their thermostats with pictures, framing, or decorative holders. The answer is yes, as long as there is ambient air space available. The sensor within the control system will definitely pick that up. You won’t notice any change.

Types and styles

Wifi compatibility is a very popular feature now. Controlling stats via this method is great if you’re looking to save money. Simply set it up for fossil fuel on heating side. Setting any heat pump or geothermal units back actually can raise your bill in Winter. Also, in Summer, setting systems back allows the thief humidity to filter in. Thus, this makes a condenser work much harder to remove the latent heat and moisture. We recommend it only for no more than a three degree change. Any higher or lower is a lot when a system has to make it up during the peak seasons. In a milder season, up to five degrees should be okay.


Lastly, all brands offer their own controllers. It is best to use them. However, if your unit is not the most technologically advanced, there are controllers that will work with their control boards. Emerson products are both very dependable and flexible.

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