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Don't fall victim to a scam! Get HVAC service from the pros you can trust!

Don’t fall victim to a scam! Get HVAC service from the pros you can trust!

It is getting all too familiar that i am called out for a second opinion on another HVAC service provider. Initially they there for annual maintenance. Usually I find that some mysterious, potentially dangerous problem has arisen out of the heating system. The system was just fine before they arrived, and now a large bill looms with no heat in the home!

The scam is to throw enough truth in with a lie to use fear or worry into selling you a new system. Here is how it works.

HVAC service scam explained

The tech comes out with a camera or a similar visual aid, and also a carbon monoxide tester. He or she sees what they call a crack, rust hole, or some other anomaly. They then test your exhaust pipe or flue for high carbon monoxide readings and tells you that an unsafe condition is going on. Now you have two choices: upgrade your home comfort unit, or get a second opinion! Get that second opinion from me!

More often than not, their report is incorrect. Many large service providers give incentives for sales to their techs. Some give bonuses for replacing parts that aren’t even broken. Rather, they claim the parts test weak or are failing. It is a business ploy that has now started to go mainstream thanks to TV news exposés over the years.

Lastly, call out Sam the Furnace Man. If I find the same condition, I will not charge you a service call or diagnostic fee if you purchased the unit from us. Also, we will give you one more year of free labor in that event! That’s what I call a win-win situation! Call us today at (513)-553-4212 or contact us via email.

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