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HVAC terms

Get the facts on HVAC! Air One has the tools to meet all of your heating and cooling needs in New Richmond, OH!

How much do you really know about heating and cooling? Could you stand to beef up your knowledge? Find out below, as Air One Heating and Cooling debunks some myths and confirms some facts about HVAC energy usage, maintenance, and safety!

Ten fun HVAC facts

  1. Do you close your registers in order to save money? This method is completely ineffective, as well as being based on a myth.
  2. Covering an air conditioner during it’s off season does not help it’s lifespan. In fact, rodents can nest inside it in the Winter. Mold and mildew can also collect inside the cover as well.
  3. Opening windows on summer nights may actually cost you more in energy bills. Put on your ceiling fans to circulate air instead.
  4. The keypad lockout feature found on most digital thermostats can save energy. It also can keep your family from fighting over temperatures!
  5. Do you have a unit which resides under a deck? Since this is not up to code, and it must be reinstalled.
  6. Is your contractor selling you freon by the pound? If they are, then you are getting scammed! Read more.
  7. “Free estimate” offers are only for installations of equipment. This never includes charges for heating and cooling system repairs.
  8. You should never, ever allow bushes or trees to grow close to outdoor units or vents. This could cause serious, expensive damage.
  9. When you’re working in your yard, don’t mow toward your unit! This can cause rocks, branches, and grass clippings to collect in the vents.
  10. Sam the Furnace Man is always your best choice! You can never go wrong with a technician who is licensed in two states and has decades of experience.

Trust the licensed expert in the states of Ohio and Kentucky. Contact us today to meet all of your heating and cooling needs.

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