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HVAC contractor technicians repairing an air conditioner.Do you live in the New Richmond, OH area and need to hire a contractor for Heating and Cooling? Here is a helpful list of questions to ask and factors which you should consider. Read this list before you invest your hard earned money!

HVAC Contractor Checklist

  1. Is the company a state licensed contractor? If so, then what is their certification number?
  2. You should ask to see a current liability insurance certificate. This should show the company name, as well as coverage offered. $1,000,000 is the Ohio state minimum coverage.
  3. Do they have a landline phone for business? All white and yellow page listed companies will, since this indicates an actual place of business, and not just guys working out of a van or truck!
  4. Any and all reputable contractors will logo their vehicles and themselves, as well as providing their employees with uniforms.
  5. A homeowner should never make a check payable to the individual’s name. This is a sign that the company could be bypassing the tax system. Therefore, they are reaping more income than those of us business who follow the rules.
  6. Ask whether or not the company can perform a CFM test on your system. This test will accurately show what the system is actually doing in air flow capacity. Very few technicians have a clue how to perform this test properly.
  7. Which system or systems do they have in their home, and why?
  8. Regarding heat pumps, what does COP mean? Also, what does HSPF mean?
  9. If you have a gas or oil systems, then what does AFUE mean? Have them explain why they are important.
  10. We must register all newly installed equipment online, per all brands’ requirements. Sam the Furnace Man will make sure yours will be in three days or less after installation.

I want your business, but want to earn it with honesty, integrity, and skill level.  Choosing Air One Heating and Cooling is the right choice! Contact me today!

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