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Let our licensed technicians perform your HVAC maintenance this season!This was a blazing hot summer that just past, so naturally we need to consider HVAC maintenance! Now the transition from fall to winter is the best time to make sure your heating system is safe, efficient,and healthy. Here are a few tips you need to know:

  1. Clean or change your air filter or purifier prior to the change in season.
  2. Make sure if it is a gas furnace that flue pipe intake and exhausts do not have obstructions. These might include wasp or bird nests, spider webs, leaves, or bushes interfering with openings.
  3. Heat pumps’ outdoor coil should be clean, with nothing laying against or blocking the unit fan discharge area.
  4. You should have oil burning systems inspected annually. Have Sam the Furnace Man give your oil burner the annual required nozzle, in line oil filter, and heat exchanger service. This will ensure proper air-fuel mix and zero smoke exhaust.
  5. Humidifiers must be serviced with new pads and tray cleaning. We provide both repair and service to most brands.

Lastly, make sure to open all dampers or registers for heating season. Due to temperature rise in unit, it can exceed manufacturers’ specs. This could cause premature failure and high utility bills. It is a myth that turning off registers or dampers in heating mode saves money.

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Do you need an upgrade? Then call Sam the Furnace Man, who offers five major brands. Remember, most gas and oil units are oversized due to lack of sellers’ skill in heat loss knowledge. See the vast difference when properly sized, and set up is done by an Ohio state tested, licensed installer with 20+ years of business and field experience. This is far superior to two individuals sent out by employers who won’t or can’t install themselves! We want your business, so call Sam the Furnace Man directly at (513)-553-4212! You may also contact us via email using our contact page.

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