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Ready to buy a new heat pump? Read some helpful advice from Sam the Furnace Man!

The phasing out of R-22 freon based air conditioners and heat pumps has been underway for over four years. What should you do when faced with repair or upgrade?

The money you spend on an R-22 freon unit may end up costing way more than it is worth. Consider this: R-22 freon systems passed the torch over three years ago to a better, safer, cheaper chemical called R-410A. What does this chemical, also called puron, mean to you? Repairing any R-22 freon unit leak is difficult, due to the mandated refrigerant phaseout.

Heat pump and air conditioner parts facts

However, if it is a replaceable part only, the risk of the repair may be worth it. Having said that, if you are replacing your unit, there are a few things you need to know:

  1. Try to match the system brand you are purchasing to the same one as your current furnace. For example, do this if it is an air conditioner and evaporator coil being replaced. Why? The evaporator or “A” coil is designed to allow air to flow through it. Manufacturers base this on brand specific designs. When efficiency rating (S.E.E.R.) is calculated, it is based on this combination. In short, a mismatch affects both your output and efficiency.
  2. Also, every reputable brand has models that vary in construction, so a contractor could be selling you a “brand name”, but a lesser model. Do your homework! All brands have websites, so ask your tech about what you are getting and why. Sam the Furnace Man offers five major brands, so you can get proper system matchups. We also feature unparalleled service and expertise.
  3. Lastly, don’t let others fool you. Get a state licensed contractor. Any other contractor could have limited skills, and possibly even be a felon. Without a license, a technician does not have to continue education or carry state required insurance. A state license ensures that this is not the case. Upon annual license renewal, the state confirms backgrounds and educational hours. Let’s face it, if they can’t or won’t pass the test, what kind of tradesman are they?

Sam the Furnace Man holds both Ohio and Kentucky state licences. I am the best choice! Contact me today!

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