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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should filters be changed or cleaned?
Should I use a programmable thermostat?
My home has varied temperatures from area to area, or I have rooms that don’t feel comfortable.  What should I do?

How often should filters be changed or cleaned?

Paper or filtrete style filters have lifespans based on environmental issues more so than media or HEPA style. Typically if high volume of cooking, candle burning, fireplace, or pets are involved, structure microns of particles are far greater in numbers.  Therefore, every 30 days they should be checked.  Also a good reminder is when your utility bill arrives, make that a point of reference, since up to 50% of your bill is typically due to the use of comfort system in home.

We do not recommend electronic air filters at all! That is an obsolete style of filtration with limited capability on their own to tackle today’s modern home, let alone the demanding and time consuming cleaning and drying methods required for operation.  We prefer a media style filter system merv 11 or greater, coupled with a U.V. light for general applications.

Should i use a programmable thermostat?

The only systems that have capability to make up for heat loss quickly in winter are fossil fuel systems i.e. gas. oil, and propane units, and they are typically over sized in 80% of most homes, so setting back temperature in cold weather is not a problem with them , as long as the setback is not too great, now air source heat pumps on the other hand rely on ambient temperature to delver heat to home ,and when heat loss is greater than their output, something has to back them up!!! Guess what? That something is typically an air handler with resistance or toaster style heaters, setting this type of system back can and will cost you more so in cold weather.

Having said that, cooling set back only in non-peak temperatures is acceptable, in peak temperatures turning off or setting back allows a latent form of heat called humidity to rob your savings because your cooling load is affected greatly by humidity. Therefore, your system will work harder and longer to cool down home when set back takes place in peak time.

My home has varied temperatures from area to area or I have rooms that just don’t feel comfortable.

This is very common in multi-story homes, and the causes mainly are installers that originally ducted the home upon its construction.  Production homes are bid, and the lowest bid system produces the lowest quality workmanship 98% of the time. The $500.00 to $1,000.00 not spent initially ends up costing a lifetime of uncomfortable,and frustrated homeowners.

Never, and I mean never, should there be a home you have to damper off whole floors or multiple rooms to achieve some normalcy in temperature to other areas or rooms.

Fortunately there are equipment breakthroughs that can and do achieve levels of comfort in homes that suffer from what we call post installation stress syndrome.

Today’s multi-stage and variable speed systems have blowers (fans) that use E.C.M. motors, this style of motor uses torque sensing as a barometer of RPM turning,varying its output based on systems requirements or initial settings by installer. The standard motors used in normal systems are one trick ponies, and have no sensing capability to know restriction or or lack of proper C.F.M. with this E.C.M. technology air-flow to rooms can be corrected to an extent that older systems could not, and the beauty of it all is their consumption of electricity is greatly less to operate!

Remember nothing can beat a contractor who knows and practices installation techniques that ensure long term comfort and savings to homeowners! I am that man!

Sam the Furnace Man!