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Is your contractor selling you freon by the pound? "Filter" them out and call Sam!

Is your contractor trying to sell you freon or refrigerant by the pound? It’s a scam! You need to “filter” them out of your life and call Sam today!

Selling customers freon by the pound is the biggest misrepresentation in the HVAC industry today. This scam has been running throughout Ohio for decades.  I have been both repairing and installing home comfort systems for over 20 years. In all this time, I have never seen nor heard of a way to install refrigerants by the pound. The only exception to this rule? Set up a special scale, hook it up, and weigh it in. Even in that instance, your unit would have to be completely empty. Folks, let’s be real here. No technician is going to go to the trouble of emptying your system.

Of course, the very time that you need cooling most is when heat and humidity have already flooded your home. When this happens, the service technician will come out to your home and hook up their pressure reading gauges. Then, they will add refrigerant to the level that he or she feels is the correct one. This is the wrong method altogether. They must perform either one of two tests while scaling it in what is called subcooling or superheating. Are the home and outside are heated to levels above normal temperatures? You simply can’t do it accurately. What now?

The real freon solution is right at your fingertips

So, with that being said, where does this situation leave you? What is your best course of action to take? Easy! Contact Sam the Furnace Man today! I will personally show you the only way to charge a unit from low to the correct level! Furthermore, I will never try to sell you freon by the pound. Stop getting scammed! Just call Sam!

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