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Popular heating and cooling brandsAll brands are not equal! There are quality differences in heating and cooling products, just like any other appliance or vehicle. Certain models have varying features. What do you need to know if you’re replacing an outdoor or indoor unit? Ask if the unit has Parker or Sporlan brand service valves. They are, by far, the most reliable. The service valves are the failure point I find most in the field. Many models use imported, poor quality brass service valves – get ready for leaks! Also, ask what metering devices are used. Thermal expansion valves or pistons are by far the most accurate metering devices. Thermal expansion valves (TVX) refrigerants use the method of entering the coil used to absorb the heat. A piston is highly inaccurate compared to TVX, so ask which is coming with your system. We sell units that use the best service valves and metering devices!

Currently, there is a movement to use all aluminum for outdoor coils, and certain models have just that. Though they work, repairs are not as easy. Like a pop can or a radiator on a vehicle, it doesn’t take much to damage them. In addition, the cost to manufacture them is much less, yet the cost to buy them is more!

HVAC brands matter!

Furnaces and air handlers also have their models with issues, though less than outdoor units. I sell multiple brands. If your service provider only offers one brand, then they are committed to a one trick pony, fit-all product. We know this is impossible, since not all use the same dimensions. That in itself is a logistical issue. Their control boards and thermostatic controllers have immense gaps in technology, robbing you of comfort and savings you deserve. Let Sam the Furnace Man show you and explain the benefits. Let’s face it, these appliances are costly. Therefore, you must address quality, reliability, and comfort! That I can do, so contact us today!

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