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New Richmond, OH Heating & Cooling Tips

Penguin Humidifier is an adorable way to humidifyPeople often ask me “When should I humidify and dehumidify my home, and why?” The answer? In heating season, any and all sources of heating systems dry interiors of homes, and do some extent of damage to them. For instance, if your home has hardwoods like mine, you can actually see small gaps appear where in non heating season there would be none. Drywall or plaster in extreme cases cracks or separates, or nails pops. Also, static electric shocks occur on skin to metal contact or electronics. Lastly, you have to deal with a dry nose, skin, hair, and dust! All are byproducts of a home in need of humidity. I like to see 40% or better in heating!

Now what can one do? Sam the Furnace Man has the answer! Modern comfort systems typically have set ups for us to add a whole house humidification system. Simply installed in existing ducting and tapped into the water supply, your home will be comfortable and humidified in mere hours!

Now dehumidification is not as simple. That big old sphere in the sky radiating all that heat in non heating months can and does in many states also bring humidity, the grains of water can be so high your skin, and interior items to your home will feel clammy and just plain uncomfortable! Sam the Furnace Man knows both homes and cures!

Running your central cooling system can and does correct the majority of humidity issues. Due to the dehumidifying byproduct of central cooling, your return air vents draw in heat and humidity when cooling is being ran. This brings it through your evaporator coil, where the heat and humidity then get transferred to two separate places. Heat through the refrigerant line is driven to your outdoor condenser. Humidity actually forms into visible drops of water and is transferred to the piping system and down a floor drain or pump. Typically this solves the problem. Not so in some homes, either via improper sizing of comfort system, lack of ducting, or just plain home construction. You could experience over 56% humidity, which is my limit for a home. Ideally, 52% and under is best in summer months.

Need to humidify or dehumidify? Let us help!

Again, Sam the Furnace Man has the answer. Some whole house dehumidifiers install into your existing comfort system, and are humidistatically controlled. They typically wire into standard outlets and run only when needed. These are different than portable dehumidifiers, which are noisy and require manual draining. Remember, love makes a home, but Sam the Furnace Man can make it comfortable. Contact us today!

Popular heating and cooling brandsAll brands are not equal! There are quality differences in heating and cooling products, just like any other appliance or vehicle. Certain models have varying features. What do you need to know if you’re replacing an outdoor or indoor unit? Ask if the unit has Parker or Sporlan brand service valves. They are, by far, the most reliable. The service valves are the failure point I find most in the field. Many models use imported, poor quality brass service valves – get ready for leaks! Also, ask what metering devices are used. Thermal expansion valves or pistons are by far the most accurate metering devices. Thermal expansion valves (TVX) refrigerants use the method of entering the coil used to absorb the heat. A piston is highly inaccurate compared to TVX, so ask which is coming with your system. We sell units that use the best service valves and metering devices!

Currently, there is a movement to use all aluminum for outdoor coils, and certain models have just that. Though they work, repairs are not as easy. Like a pop can or a radiator on a vehicle, it doesn’t take much to damage them. In addition, the cost to manufacture them is much less, yet the cost to buy them is more!

HVAC brands matter!

Furnaces and air handlers also have their models with issues, though less than outdoor units. I sell multiple brands. If your service provider only offers one brand, then they are committed to a one trick pony, fit-all product. We know this is impossible, since not all use the same dimensions. That in itself is a logistical issue. Their control boards and thermostatic controllers have immense gaps in technology, robbing you of comfort and savings you deserve. Let Sam the Furnace Man show you and explain the benefits. Let’s face it, these appliances are costly. Therefore, you must address quality, reliability, and comfort! That I can do, so contact us today!

Engineer adjusting thermostats for efficient automated heating system

Engineer adjusting thermostats for efficient automated heating system

All systems require some type of temperature control, but not all controls are alike. Here’s what you need to know:

Thermostats placement

The placement of system controls causes many comfort problems. The two biggest no nos are placing a thermostat in direct or reflected sunlight, or by any supply register. The other two, which are more rarely seen, are cooking areas and on walls that are next to the home’s outside.

I’ve been asked by my customers if they could cover in their thermostats with pictures, framing, or decorative holders. The answer is yes, as long as there is ambient air space available. The sensor within the control system will definitely pick that up. You won’t notice any change.

Types and styles

Wifi compatibility is a very popular feature now. Controlling stats via this method is great if you’re looking to save money. Simply set it up for fossil fuel on heating side. Setting any heat pump or geothermal units back actually can raise your bill in Winter. Also, in Summer, setting systems back allows the thief humidity to filter in. Thus, this makes a condenser work much harder to remove the latent heat and moisture. We recommend it only for no more than a three degree change. Any higher or lower is a lot when a system has to make it up during the peak seasons. In a milder season, up to five degrees should be okay.


Lastly, all brands offer their own controllers. It is best to use them. However, if your unit is not the most technologically advanced, there are controllers that will work with their control boards. Emerson products are both very dependable and flexible.

Why not contact Sam the Furnace Man today? Let me show you just how comfortable your home can be!


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