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Choose the right air conditioner service - don't get scammed!Hello again from Sam the Furnace Man, with a helpful air conditioner service alert. Showtime is here! Summer is upon us, and some businesses combine bait and switch with a lack of knowledge, creating a homeowner scam. It never fails! Each year I will see the Facebook ads or hear on the street how the “AC tune up” or “service” deal is the launching pad for a monetary scam of homeowners. Here are five plain truths about this :

  1. The average outdoor condenser (air conditioner or heat pump) contains absolutely no serviceable parts.
  2. It is impossible to check a refrigerant level in those units correctly with ambient or outside temperatures in the 70s or under.
  3. It is rare that the outdoor coil could have enough debris or lint from a dryer exhaust to warrant a cleaning.
  4. Controls and parts such as contractors, capacitors, hard start kits or relays are a scammer’s favorite way to charge you more. They’ll say it is because they are “weak or failing”. Therefore, their so called tune up or service call now becomes a costly bill.
  5. Freon or refrigerant is not “sold by the pound”. This is ludicrous, since it is never scaled in to charge a unit which is low on freon! Their gauges only can test system PSI, and not pound weight of chemical added. A technician must use a scale.

The so called technicians from other companies could be felons, abusers, or simply not qualified. My state licenses ensure that I could not hire them, even if I wanted to! State background checks are mandatory, and my employees must complete a minimum of 10 hours of annual continuing education. They also must carry one million dollars of liability insurance.

Air conditioner service from a pro you can trust!

Lastly, you need the one and only state tested and licensed HVAC contractor I know who also works out in the field! Contact me, Sam the Furnace Man!

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